Thursday, November 19, 2009

i can't tell my drugs from my makeup....?

in honor of urban decay's friends and family sale ending tomorrow - 30% off with code FNFW1, i'm reviving a summer post from my close friend and fellow beauty maven, rheana's blog, words by rhe.

anyone want to get baked or smoke out with me?

I can’t be the only one noticing this.

My friend Pam uses one of Urban Decay’s chubby eye pencils in a white metallic shade. It’s called yeyo. “I wish all my makeup had blow references,” she said.

She doesn’t have to go far.

From their “Big Fatty” mascaras to their “Get Baked” palettes, Urban Decay might be the most blunt, but they’re certainly not alone in their drug innuendos.

M.A.C makes eye shadows in shades of “purple haze” and “shroom,” among others. Fragrances play the game, too, from Carol’s Daughter’s “Ecstacy” to Fresh’s “Cannabis Rose.”

Still, I could have given all those brands the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as I did (having chalked it up to a mild case of schizophrenia belately triggered by inhaling too much face powder in the beauty closet), I would found this (which I took to as proof of the trend, of course.)

It’s a candle, designed to fill your home with the scent of marijuana, when lit. (Perfect, right? I know that’s exactly what you were looking for!) The Cannabis Candle comes from Malin+Goetz, and sells for $48 (and that’s without the guarantee of getting high.) Well, it’s cheaper than those delivery guys, anyway.

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