Tuesday, November 24, 2009

to grandmother's house we go!

after screaming FREEDOM and fleeing the law school in approximately 44 minutes, i'm flying to chicago for thanksgiving because basically my entire family lives there, although i am a bona fide debutante from the heart of dixie.

i'm already prone to dry skin and flying does NOT help the situation. i'm going makeup free until i arrive so i can moisturize before *and* after my flight.

i don't believe in checking bags, so here's where the handy little trial sizes of my skin favorites, korres quercetin and oak moisturizers come in! i'm also planning to rely on the packets of trial cleansers that korres has included with my orders.

obvi lip butter will be a part of my thanksgiving defense kit!

the windy city and 35,000 feet will not ruin my complexion!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

writing essentials

so i've been feverishly writing all weekend and i've found there are two things that keep me going whilst chained to my desk: MUSIC and korres lip butter.

my poor lips have been going through a lot recently thanks to lengthy dental visits, the mercurial dc weather and a recent cold sore, so i found myself not only needing to moisturize but exfoliate as well.

luckily, i recently picked up korres's lemon lip scrub during one of their many wonderful sales. i like that its packaged like a lipstick (avoids germy messes in pots) and only smells slightly lemony. apply to lips, rub, blot with a tissue and then follow with lip butter.

mmmm...lip butter...

for those of you that don't know, korres lip butter and i are in a deeply committed relationship (though that doesn't stop me from whoring it out to my friends!) my favorite is guava for standard hydrating purposes, but it does cast white, so i reach for quince, a pink tinted version for school days.

i also just picked up the lip saver roll (3 lip butters!) to try and get myself to branch out into the other colors.

one lip butter usually runs $9, but the lip saver roll is $19! that's like, two lip butters and a bonus free one!

and for those of you who aren't familiar with korres, they always offer tons of amazing discounts on their website - the current ones are 30% + free shipping on orders over $35 with code TEMPTALIA (valid until 12/31) or spend $50 and get a 4 piece wild rose skincare set with code WILDROSE - the site says limited time offer, so i don't know how long it runs for. i love the quercetin and oak skincare line and am sure that wild rose is equally amazing so either promo is a great deal!

and now for something completely different!

here's the newest video for keeping on without you from one of my all-time favorite bands, this providence. its heartbreaking - i actually cried the first time i watched it! TP has been keeping me company during finals seasons since 2004 so i have to give them love - pick up their new album, who are you now? i promise you will not be disappointed!


lumberjack chic

since this is a blog about my double life, i felt that everyone needed to know that i've spent the past 30 hours of my life in this flannel nightie, and i like it that way. rocked with my ll bean moccasins, its so very mainer. wicked.

i've been writing up a storm. its FUN. ha.

oh and hero managed to dig a nest amidst the sea of makeup. i admire her dedication.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

i <3 stila

as if that's news!

through sunday, enter code RUNWAY at checkout on purchases over $20 to get this runway palette and kajal liner free!

my word, i love a good deal!

i used mine to stock up on my FAVORITE lip set EVER, the enameled lips collection, which contains the barbie loves stila enameled lips set + a FANTASTIC lip liner for the same price as just the set alone! its a must have ladies!

stila has many great value sets available right now, so you may as well take advantage and get a fabulous smoky eye bonus!

i'm being attacked!

....by holiday sets and sales! i swear, they're ALIVE!

and i don't even have time to play in them :( blarg, law school.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i can't tell my drugs from my makeup....?

in honor of urban decay's friends and family sale ending tomorrow - 30% off with code FNFW1, i'm reviving a summer post from my close friend and fellow beauty maven, rheana's blog, words by rhe.

anyone want to get baked or smoke out with me?

I can’t be the only one noticing this.

My friend Pam uses one of Urban Decay’s chubby eye pencils in a white metallic shade. It’s called yeyo. “I wish all my makeup had blow references,” she said.

She doesn’t have to go far.

From their “Big Fatty” mascaras to their “Get Baked” palettes, Urban Decay might be the most blunt, but they’re certainly not alone in their drug innuendos.

M.A.C makes eye shadows in shades of “purple haze” and “shroom,” among others. Fragrances play the game, too, from Carol’s Daughter’s “Ecstacy” to Fresh’s “Cannabis Rose.”

Still, I could have given all those brands the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as I did (having chalked it up to a mild case of schizophrenia belately triggered by inhaling too much face powder in the beauty closet), I would found this (which I took to as proof of the trend, of course.)

It’s a candle, designed to fill your home with the scent of marijuana, when lit. (Perfect, right? I know that’s exactly what you were looking for!) The Cannabis Candle comes from Malin+Goetz, and sells for $48 (and that’s without the guarantee of getting high.) Well, it’s cheaper than those delivery guys, anyway.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i'll pull your crooked teeth so you'll be perfect just like me

after class today i had my semi-annual date with the dental hygienist. yikes. why i decide to submit myself to hygiene based torture during pre-finals season is unbeknownst to me. maybe i'm just a masochist...but those medieval metal torture devices? the noises are enough to make me break down into tears.

in addition to my cleaning, i planned to have a porcelain front on one of my teeth replaced. its been there since i was eight, no one in my family can remember why its even there at all, but after fifteen years, it needs some love. plus i've been trying to whiten my teeth recently and guess what? crest whitestrips do no good for dental prosthetics. so then i ended up looking like this.

note the subtle discoloration? let me tell you, it is a total DON'T for bold lip looks, which just so happen to be my current obsession.

turns out i can't just get a new "front" - i need a whole new tooth (ok, a veneer, but to me, that means fake teeth). AND thanks to some sweet wave surfing in hawaii at age 8, my two front teeth are chipped to the point they're nearly transparent so turns out i need new teeth for those too. and to top it all off, can't just replace those three, gotta get the fourth - and if i had listened to the dentist, just go for the whole top row.

i'm currently pleased with my four temporary fake teeth and think that only the greatest streak of vanity would lead me to correct the rest of my otherwise mildly-imperfect mouth, especially at $1,800 per tooth. here's hoping insurance covers some of that exorbitant price!

although it turns out that stila creator jeanine lobell and i share the same dentist. how's that for a six-degrees-of-great-women-in-beauty?

but my four hours at the dentist leads me to the great existential question - cosmetic dentistry: do or don't?

dry shampoo, a love story

so its that time of year in law school - pre-finals. i'm trying to put out a little extra effort in my outfits to combat the rampant sweatpants and leggings-as-pants (i have seen more camel toe in the library this week than the sahara has) but sometimes, washing my hair falls to the wayside.

i discovered dry shampoo last finals season and went with Pssssssst!, a drugstore brand, until i realized its primary ingredient is butane. using a blowtorch on my gentle strands just didn't seem a good idea, so i've looked for other options.

currently, i love finley dry shampoo - a color-matched powder that cleanses and volumizes all in one! you can find finley at www.studiobeautymix.com

however, i was looking for a spray option as well and found myself picking up klorane extra gentle dry shampoo with oat extract with my sephora VIB discount this weekend. somehow i went for the "pump" as opposed to spray option.

friend or foe?

now, i'm a bright girl - i made it through college (say what you will about south carolina public universities) and am now pursuing my JD but i swear, it took me at least five minutes to figure this "spray" out! apparently you shake it and powder flies through a spray-like nozzle.


but my hair is "clean" and i feel sassy in evidence class!