Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dry shampoo, a love story

so its that time of year in law school - pre-finals. i'm trying to put out a little extra effort in my outfits to combat the rampant sweatpants and leggings-as-pants (i have seen more camel toe in the library this week than the sahara has) but sometimes, washing my hair falls to the wayside.

i discovered dry shampoo last finals season and went with Pssssssst!, a drugstore brand, until i realized its primary ingredient is butane. using a blowtorch on my gentle strands just didn't seem a good idea, so i've looked for other options.

currently, i love finley dry shampoo - a color-matched powder that cleanses and volumizes all in one! you can find finley at

however, i was looking for a spray option as well and found myself picking up klorane extra gentle dry shampoo with oat extract with my sephora VIB discount this weekend. somehow i went for the "pump" as opposed to spray option.

friend or foe?

now, i'm a bright girl - i made it through college (say what you will about south carolina public universities) and am now pursuing my JD but i swear, it took me at least five minutes to figure this "spray" out! apparently you shake it and powder flies through a spray-like nozzle.


but my hair is "clean" and i feel sassy in evidence class!

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