Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the law school manicure

so one of my favorite college luxuries were bi-monthly manis and pedis at the fabulous east bay nail spa in the beautiful charleston, south carolina.

with the dawning of my law school era, i neither have time nor money for regular manis and pedis :( cue my broken heart!

however, i believe i have discovered the perfect way to fake it on your own!

i like to call it: the law school manicure.

step 1: lush's lemony flutter cuticle butter. i try to apply this every other day to my cuticles and sometimes to the rest of my hands as well to fight back against my constant purell-ing.

step 2: orly's bonder basecoat. it's rubberized and i really have found that it holds polish on longer/prevents chipping. which is fabulous, because there is nothing i hate more than a chipped fingernail! i'd rater be polish-free!

step 3: a fabulous nail color! this week, i'm rocking china glaze's let's groove but i think i'm about to switch it up to OPI by sephora super-limited glam bronze, 212 sephora.

students and recessionistas, rejoice!

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